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At first, you can say that these photos may not be true, they are certainly the result of computer graphics. Yet they are all real and correspond to undeniable science phenomenas. It is for this reason that this work had the honor of an 200m2 exhibition in the beautifulest science museum of Paris : le Palais de la découverte in 2010.

In a second time, certainly the question of "how ?" raises. To answer these kind of questions, makings-of are available on this site. I realize many schools workshop, and I have to reproduce these pictures in live. I reveal all "my secrets", and I'm be copied, but it is a fundamental part of my approach.

Then comes the need to classified this work. Is it art? Advertising material? Just scientific photography? If your attention wanders on the title of the photograph then its offset with respect to the work should guide the response. Beyond the figurative aspect and unusual, my art is above all conceptual, stimulating, like Bachelard philosopher, formal imagination.

But what does it mean when the artist through all these works? That scientific inquiry can be applied to all areas of life, including and especially the non-scientific subjects. But also that science is dangerous when we forget that it is an invention, a simple intellectual model of our discovery and not the truth. Finally the permanent doubt is an absolute necessity to avoid falling into dogmatism.

Then comes the fundamental question: why? I realized through my study of history, of science, of art, or simply my personal life that our reality is only perception, and ultimately just a mental consensus. But the currents of thought are both blinding and invisible. Try to extract this in order to evolve our consciousness is complex.

So in practice? My works are metaphors that try to imagine freely by overcoming barriers of our cognitive unconscious. Iimprobable photos but nevertheless true, and their secrets revealed suggest to question the nature of reality and excite our discernment. Finally, because life is not just a mental exercise, but enhances the feeling through my conceptual approach mixes an aesthetic for the enchantment.

About the differential synthesis : I developed in 2010 this process. Voluntarily unpatented, it consists of two digital subtraction images, whether of video or photography. Differences are exacerbated when the colors change while this does not change becomes black. This photographic technique (in the etymological sense of the term) is automatic, no manual coloring, creative act consists in the choice of subject, in the careful selection of images to be compared and the symbolic meaning of the result.

Jacques HONVAULT, June 15, 2012